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Orthokeratology Sydney

Zoom Optics is proud to be one of the premier destinations for Orthokeratology in Sydney. These lenses help gently correct your vision while you sleep and are an excellent option for many people.

Additionally, OrthoK has been shown to be very effective in reducing the rate at which short sightedness progresses, especially in children.

OrthoK lenses are a great alternative to glasses or contact lenses, and can be custom fit, for a solution that’s perfectly tailored to your needs. They also don’t require any invasive procedures, if the prospect of Laser Eye Surgery is a frightening one to you.

You might be wondering; “is Orthokeratology safe?” and we’re happy to confirm that, that when fitted and advised by a qualified professional, there is very little risk involved with using these innovative lenses. A small minority of users have reported initial discomfort, but these are issues that contact lens users face as well, and the vast majority of people won’t suffer any ill-effects. The materials used in OrthoK lenses enable the eyes to breathe more than regular contacts, even when the eyelids are closed, for a more comfortable user experience in general. Should you experience any side effects from using OrthoK lenses, the good news is that, since the effects are completely reversible, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying them out! What are you waiting for? Contact us now to get started.

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OrthoK and Myopia Control

Starting myopia control with OrthoK treatment for children at a young age halves the risk of rapid progression in those whose myopia is progressing fast. 

n the past myopia, or short sightedness, was a condition that most patients and practitioners just accepted and our only solution was to get new glasses that would be increasingly higher in prescription. We now understand that OrthoK is very effective in slowing, and in many cases, can halt the progression of such vision changes.

Myopia is a serious health condition that not only affects quality of life, but can also increase the risk of longer term blinding conditions such as retinal detachments and glaucoma.

We can now safely save our children from the debilitating effects of myopia, and offer the opportunity of being spectacle free. The effects on self esteem and freedom during physical activity can be phenomenal.

How does it work?

Your vision is corrected with a custom designed OrthoK lens that is similar to a contact lens. When placed on your eye, the special OrthoK lens floats on your tear-film, gently reshaping your cornea (the front surface of your eye) while you sleep. The result is the correction of your distance vision. When you wake up, you simply remove the lens and go about your day-to-day activities with perfect vision without the aid of contact lenses or glasses. Your vision remains clear all day without the need for further correction – and in some cases, patients may achieve clear sight that lasts a couple of days.

  • OrthoK is a great alternative to wearing glasses – with no fogging, it’s better for active lifestyles, and gives the wearer the opportunity to wear fashion and wrap sunglasses without having to worry about issues concerning lens distortion.
  • Better Comfort – Because you wear the lens while you sleep, patients don’t suffer the irritation and dryness that is common with some types of daytime contact lenses.
  • More Freedom – Having no lens on during the day allows the patient to participate in those activities that are limited by a normal contact lens.
  • No Surgery – For those who are uncomfortable with undergoing a surgical treatment, OrthoK is a viable alternative.
  • No Eye Exercises Required – OrthoK doesn’t require daily eye exercises to improve your sight. All you need to do is wear the lenses while you sleep.
  • It is more cost effective, non surgical and reversible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

OrthoK is a therapy that has been practiced and researched for over 30 years. OrthoK is a specialised technique and not widely available. Our optometrists have undergone further training and our clinics have the dedicated diagnostic equipment to perform the the precise fitting and aftercare that is required.

The fitting process involves trialling lenses overnight in order to custom design the lens best suited to you. A number of night trials may be required over a 1 to 4 week period. Once your OrthoK lenses have been custom designed for you, it takes approximately 1 week to manufacture your lenses. Normally, patients experience a 50 to 70% improvement in sight after the first night wearing the lenses, and usually achieve good vision all day consistently within 2 weeks.

Patients are required to wear the lenses every night to every second night in order to maintain the change in corneal shape. Both experience and research indicate that your eyes return to their normal state once you stop wearing the lenses.

OrthoK works best if you are short-sighted (also called myopia, meaning that you have more difficulties with distance focus), and low levels of astigmatism. Children can also benefit from OrthoK. Studies have shown that OrthoK can slow down the change in a child’s prescription.

With your eyes closed, there is minimal discomfort. While you are awake and your eyes are open there maybe a sensation of lens awareness from the contact of the lens on your eyes during blinking. This improves quickly with time, but seeing as OrthoK lenses are worn during sleep, blinking and lens awareness is not generally a concern.

It is very easy to adapt the procedure if your prescription does change depending on your initial prescription. If you would like more information about OrthoK, please contact us to arrange for a bulk-billed appointment to see our optometrist.

The cost for OrthoK starts from $1400. This will depend on your actual prescription and the fee includes your first set of lenses and all follow up appointments. This cost is normally claimable on your optical rebate from most health fund insurances.

Zoom Optics Optometrists are proud members of the Orthokeratology Society of Oceania. We believe that orthokeratology should only be fitted by optometrists who have the specialised equipment and undergo continuing education to be at the forefront of orthokeratology technologies and maintaining best practice to achieve optimum results efficiently and safely.

Our mission is to deliver OrthoK results safely, efficiently and affordably.