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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses Sydney

Looking to buy contact lenses in Sydney? Zoom Optics is one of the largest suppliers of major brand contact lenses in the region, supplying some of the most popular lenses on the same day, from our comprehensive in-store inventory.

Our prices are very competitive, with large discounts based on the quantity ordered. Our optometrists are dedicated to providing information on the ever-changing advances in contact lens technology and are here to advise you on how to solve any problems associated with your lenses.

Contact lenses are a convenient, comfortable alternative to glasses. During your initial consultation, your Zoom Optics’ optometrist will measure the front of your eyes to work out what kind of lens will be best for you. If you’ve tried them in the past, but weren’t happy with the outcome, pop in again as you might find the latest technology has made them more suitable!

We dispense all different types of contact lenses to meet a variety of needs, ranging from daily disposables for less-frequent wearers, to fortnightly or monthly disposables for those who prefer to wear them most of the time. We also boast a range of cosmetic coloured lenses for those who like to change up their look.

Our expert optometrists will also teach you how to use and look after your contact lenses, as well as how to easily place them in your eye. There are several lens options available, and if you’d like to find out more about them then choose Zoom Optics today – simply book online here.

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